PDM Leader has warning, advice, prayers and commendations

Providenciales, TCI, October 4, 2016 – The Leader of the Opposition, before that media debrief was held by Government had issued statement calling for residents to ready themselves ahead of dangerous Hurricane Matthew.  Hon Sharlene Robinson said,  This nation has been spared many times over and whilst we continue to pray for mercy, we must prepare for the worse. Those of us who experienced the passage of Hurricane Ike has fresh memories of a storm that left a trail of damage, and we often boast of no loss of life.  I encourage us to recall only the need to prepare and not be reckless in trying to predict a similar outcome. End quote.

Sharlene R in HOAThe PDM Leader commended government for bringing the students who are at college in Jamaica home; she commended the DDME for its regular updates; she had encouraged blood donations and for employers to be compassionate by allowing some time off to workers for storm preparations; she called on pastors to ensure the elderly and vulnerable are taken care of during the storm and she asked the nation to pray.  I quote her now:  “Let us pray for those emergency personnel who will be at work ensuring our safety and for the people of these Islands and all the other Islands who have suffered the wrath or are in path of Matthew.

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