How will BREXIT affect the TCI

Providenciales, TCI, July 8, 2016 – Brexit continues to spawn headlines and in its overseas territories, Premier Rufus Ewing recently explained there is concern.   The TCI is actually planning to seek greater linkage with CARICOM for regional support and at the upcoming Joint Ministerial Council or JMC which will be hosted by the TCI later this month, the country’s leader said talks will get serious about the impact of the British vote to eventually leave the European Union.  “We have invited and he has accepted, this is the Secretary General, the Ambassador of CARICOM, because we, the OT’s need to have the discussion with CARICOM, as to what is in it for us, and how best CARICOM can represent us as overseas territories in this jurisdiction here in the Caribbean region.”

The decision by 52% of the voters could mean a change in how British citizens, which includes many Turks and Caicos Islanders, move about Europe.  “Turks and Caicos is affected in the manner that right now, as a BOTC citizen, using the Turks and Caicos passport, the BOTC passport,  we have visa free travel into the Schengen region, as part of the EU block.  And we also have free access for those persons who are British citizens with the British passport through the European region, but those will be affected or may be affected depending on what is negotiated going forth in the future.”

The matter was also addressed in the House of Assembly today by the Premier who said our GDP disqualifies us anyway from receiving significant financial handouts by the EU.


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