Upgrade works for schools delayed due to says Minister Akierra Missick

Providenciales, TCI, July 26, 2016 – Long Bay High School will see a lot of new things when September rolls in; new block of classrooms, 200 new students taking population to roughly 400 and a brand new principal; well at least they will not have their old one.

During her Ministerial Statement in the House of Assembly yesterday, Deputy Premier Akierra Missick gave an update on her expansive ministry which included congratulations to athletes like Delano, Akia and former TCI Carifta sprinter, now Bahamas Olympian, Teray Smith and congratulations to the Cadets who on Sunday got a $50,000 donation from the Premiers Cup Golf tournament and tribute to the late Louise Garland Thomas, who died of Cancer this month.  Minister Missick also spoke to the readiness of her schools for the 2016-2017 academic year and the loss of Dr. Carlton Mills at Long Bay High after just one year as its principal.  We were informed that many of our children are still not taking pride in their surroundings, intentionally damaging school facilities.  

“All the lights and fans were changed, the windows  were all fixed, it was a model classroom, and to see it in the state that I’ve seen it in at the end of the academic school year is gut wrenching.  And so we want our parents to please work with their school administrators because if we have to keep spending the six hundred and fifty thousand dollars on fixing the same light, the same fan, the same window, we are not going to be in a position to spend it on any other upgrades.”

There was an early apology for Clement Howell High from the Minister.  “These works will not be completed by the time the academic year starts, so I am asking parents and students of the Clement Howell High School to please bare with us, these works are important, they need to be done, and when they commence we will ensure that the areas are secured properly, so that students and staff are safe.” 


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