Toastmasters Club of TCI welcomes seven new executive members

Providenciales, TCI, July  26, 2016 – The Toastmasters Club of the Turks and Caicos welcomed seven new Executive Members in an installation ceremony held at the Vix, a week ago today.  Outgoing president, Sanfra Foster gave the keynote address and is a founding member of this chapter of Toastmasters.  “There’s a passion and energy, from the then area director Sherry-ann Batson convinced me that yes, Toastmasters was indeed the playground to bring enrichment and nourishment to professional minds to motivate them to experience new levels of success.”

Officers are Jacquiline Moe-Cox, President; Paul Coleman, VP of Education; Rose Hall, VP of Membership; Wence Martin, VP of Public Relations; Sheryl Mclaughlin is Secretary; Sanfra Foster now on as Treasurer and Arielle Williams is the Sgt at Arms.  The organization is charged with providing supportive and positive learning experiences to be more effective communicators.  Incoming President Jacqueline Moe-Cox spoke to leadership and the debate on whether they are born or made.  “Great leaders are both born and made.  I share the view that the bases for good leadership starts from the individual’s mindset.  Inborn optimism and charisma will not take you very far as a leader if you  do not have the desire to learn and grow.”

TCI Toastmasters Club meets twice monthly on Tuesdays; (the 1st and 3rd) from 6-8pm at the Vix.



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