Provo Amateur Basketball Association’s fourth season begins!!

How about a little trash talking and jeering this morning as the Provo Amateuur Basketball Association’s fourth season of night league is underway… the bragging comes from the HAB Sonics, which tell Magnetic Media their goal this season is to win championship.

The HAB Sonics say they have recruited some star ballers, including Jonathan Paul and Alvardo Parker who last played for the South Caicos Harbor Ballers; Jordan Garland  and Darado Fulford who last played for the Five Cays Flyers and Twane Hall, who had played for the Hustlerz. The two youngest players – Twane Hall and Dudley Lightbourn – were brought on by Sonics coach, Ciaran O’Neill after the most recent P.A.B.A. Under 19 Mallory McComish tournament.

In the media release, O’Neil  says, “It was their dedication and performances in the Under 19 tournament that led to my decision to bring them onto the team for the upcoming season. This shows that any high school summer basketball tournament is great showcase for the P.A.B.A. Nightleague. It also encourages other coaches to try to bring in younger talent into the league.”  – Ciaran O’neill

All the best; P.A.B.A basketball happens at the Gus Lightbourne Gym.


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