PDM raises questions of reports done on Millennium Heights in HOA

Providenciales, TCI, July 27, 2016 – A PDM question in the House of assembly by Opposition Leader, Sharlene Robinson exposed that there are two reports done on the terrain of Millennium Heights, where Priton Development constructed some 253 homes in a public private partnership aimed at providing affordable housing.

Minister of Infrastructure, Amanda Misick laid on the table a report by her Planning Department; the Department which accompanied Premier Rufus Ewing about two weeks ago as he toured some of the worst affected homes in the area.  Minister Misick said her team is committed to delving into what is going on; she was among those who viewed the massive holes following a release by her office which said they would desist giving occupancy certificates to Priton.  While this means no one can take up residence in the houses until issues are resolved,  it has not stopped Priton Development from continuing with construction which residents labelled shoddy.

The country also learned, likely for the first time on such a wide scale, that a company from Puerto Rico was hired, just as the Governor said, and conducted an independent review of the area.  The PDM asked for that to also be laid on the table.   “Yes, there was a review carried out, I’m aware of that, by a company from Puerto Rico.” – Hon. Amanda Misick

“Do you have access to that, that’s what we’re asking, do you have access to that independent review that was carried out.” – Hon. Derek Taylor

“At the moment no, that I can , I guess I would have to follow up on and bring to the house.” – Hon. Amanda Misick


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