PDM introduces candidates for South Caicos

Providenciales, TCI, July 19, 2016 – The PDM on Monday rolled out their full candidate slate for South Caicos and Providenciales and they included, business and finance professional, Keno Forbes in South Caicos.  “Our people without representation, without access to medical care, without access to a proper pharmacy in South Caicos, they can’t even get Panadol sometimes at the clinic in South Caicos, but yet we brag of progress in this country.  Yet we brag about a surplus, but what about the people?”

Parrot Cay Director and caretaker of Leeward & Long Bay district, Ezra Taylor.  “We’re still experiencing some of the issues that we had, and she campaigned on in 2012, ferral dogs, to illegal dumping, some parts of our constituencies doesn’t have city water, some doesn’t have cable TV, in 2016 that is unheard of.  Those are some of the things I will be concentrating on along with many other issues in the district, for instance crime.  The representative hasn’t addressed crime in any public form in the district.”

Proponent for improved mental and social health, George Pratt in the Bight.  “On election day I’m looking for you guys to the poll in large numbers, if you’re on that voters list, I’m asking every single one of you to get out and vote for me.  Your vote for me is your certification that this plan has passed, and ready to go.  The work starts on day one to ensure that the people of The Bight gets proper representation.”

Businessman and former PDM leader for Cheshire Hall & Richmond, Doug Parnell.  “Whether you are in Kew Town, Discovery Bay, Glass Shack, Turtle Cove off of Leeward Highway by Ms. Nita corner, Stemmers Run, Dock Yard, I would like to take this opportunity to bring about the much needed change in your respective areas.  Some tangeable and infrastructural upgrades are needed.” 

 And returning are incumbents, Sean Astwood, PDM Deputy Leader for Five Cays; the man who will have to challenge his own sister for the Blue Hills constituency, Goldray Ewing and accountant and business owner, Delroy Williams for ED#10, Wheeland.


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