Island wide Black Out

Providenciales, TCI, September 23, 2016 – FortisTCI had a black out yesterday that impacted all of Provo and the only explanation given for the inconveniencing power failure was a technical issue at the generation station, at the headquarters on Leeward Highway.  Customers received three updates during the outage which lasted four hours, but sporadically as some areas were only minutes without electricity and others suffered for hours. 
Thursday marked the first day of Autumn or Fall and record, scorching temperatures are still being recorded.  A new system just rolled off the coast of Africa this morning and adds to Tropical Storms Karl and Lisa already in the Atlantic Basin.  Magnetic Media, after noon yesterday, observed at least two water spouts, severe lightening strikes and pockets of stormy, rainy conditions. 
FortisTCI reported full restoration to its customers at 11:50am.

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