Shut Down Priton Development says Wheeland MP

The House of Assembly convened Friday for business and a major issue made it to the two minute statements of Members in the early part of the session. 
Wheeland Member, Delroy Williams called on the Government to shut down the Priton Development, which is responsible for the phase two affordable housing scheme which has left many of its customers dissatisfied and at risk. 
Hon Williams remarked that the statement last Wednesday by the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Amanda Misick was sorely lacking and disrespectful to the hundreds of home owners who for years have experienced dangerous problems. Williams said Government is responsible in part for the shoddy construction. 
Minister Amanda Missick did reply in the early session too; saying that her Planning Department did its job.
Minister Misick threw residents of Millennium Heights for a loop though when as they put it, she showed no empathy and actually thanked Priton for the affordable houses built. 
Among the problems in the phase two, government endorsed development are massive sink holes, popping tiles, cracks and leaks, electrical shortages and severe mold.

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