Pivotal Week for PNP, Primaries start

It is a pivotal week in politics as today supporters of the governing, Progressive National Party begin voting in national primaries to help determine the party’s candidates for the next General Elections. 
The PNP begins at 6pm today with the Wheeland constituency or Electoral District #10 where Elry Lightbourne and Dameko Dean have both thrown their hat in the ring. 
The process will last two hours, ending at 8pm at Progressive House and is for registered delegates only; the general public will have its chance to vote in the General Elections which are yet to be called and is constitutionally the prerogative of the Premier, who as you know is Dr. Rufus Ewing Premier Ewing has on several occasions now said he is not ready to announce a date. 
Tuesday, voting will move to Middle Caicos from 10am to noon and North Caicos, from 2-4pm; there are two vying in this district as well and voting will take place at the community centers. 
Mark Fulford and Tueton Williams are head to head for the PNP nod in the country’s two largest islands.

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