Today, June 16th 2016, the Deputy Premier, and Minister of Education, the Hon. Akierra Missick, is pleased to announce that a total of 417 students representing the ten (10) public primary schools and eleven (11) private primary schools in the Turks and Caicos Islands, wrote the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) on May 25 and 26, 2016.  The test consists of five papers: English Language Paper 1, English Language Paper 2, Mathematics, Science and the General Paper.
Students must obtain an overall average of 50% fifty percent from a total of five hundred and twenty five (525) marks:
English Language Paper 1 – 140 marks
English Language Paper 2 – 60 marks
Mathematics – 125 marks
Science – 100 marks
General Paper – 100 marks.
The 2016 results indicate that a total of three hundred and thirteen (313) or 75.1% of the students obtained fifty percent or higher.  This is a rise in the pass rate from 2015 which was 72.1. Hon Akierra Missick stated;  “It is a clear indication that our primary school age students are continuously raising the bar in their academic achievements; but with a near 3% percent increase in a 12 month period, also indicates we have the best educators in the region, if not the world. I am very pleased with these results, and note that more work will be done by the Department of Education and our school administrators, to ensure each year we have such stellar increases in passes at GSAT.”
The top ten averages, range from 86.48% to 90.29% and is equally shared between male and female students representing private and public schools:
1 Sambuta-Jahtee Meier              Precious Treasures
2 Britney Gardiner                           Adelaide Oemler Primary
3 Michaella Archille                         Oseta Jolly Primary
4 Jarius Robinson                             Richmond Hill Preparatory
5 Ashley Archibald                           Shining Stars Preparatory
6 Kyfani Campbell                            Eliza Simons Primary
7 Syr.D’Anjhu Steward                  Precious Treasures
8 Naethia Williams                           Ona Glinton Primary
9 Arquino St. Paul                            Oseta Jolly Primary
10 Shandia Gardiner                       Providence International School
The top three positions in the four subjects are also shared among male and female students representing public and private schools.
The Minister also, encourages those students who were unsuccessful in passing their GSAT, to not be discouraged, and ask parents to meet with their child’s teacher to identify areas of weakness so that a plan of action for “Success at GSAT” can be put in place to ensure your child is afforded every opportunity to transition to High School. 
Once again, congratulations are in order to all the students, their schools administration and staff, and of course the parents who assisted with preparing our students who sat and passed the exams and we wish them the best as they move into their High School career.

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