Flies swarming; rain and heat feeding breeding

Zika Virus, Dengue Fever and Chikungunya Virus have in recent years worked to make the mosquito the most frightening insect in the hemisphere; but there is one which is equally annoying and also dangerous – the common House Fly. 
The rain and summer heat have combined to create a perfect situation  for the pest, which is probably a little too common these days; they are invading every space but the professionals tell Magnetic Media, nothing is wrong… this is the norm for June and the Summer. 
Adrian Enriquez is with Turks and Caicos Environmental Management; responsible for the dump site in Blue Hills.  “So I think it has to do with the rain from last week really and the heat and I think it is seasonal, it seems to be seasonal from what we understand here. 
Not much has changed for us from an operational stand point here for us, so we still compact the garbage daily, we’re still covering it with our alternate daily cover and then we’re covering it with our curry on a regular basis.”
When it heats up, flies breed and they try to get into anywhere they can on the hunt for food and a place to lay eggs, according to our research. 
Flies do not carry Dengue or Zika, but they are nasty, they love to hang out in the most disgusting places or bacteria ridden areas and sometimes that means they are toting with them bacteria which can cause salmonella, E. coli and cholera. 
One website says, better than using bug spray, use fly catching paper ie, fly ribbon which traps the adult flies before they have time to lay eggs, which can actually remain hidden in your home and dormant over cooler months.

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