All Career types open in Govt, says TCI Deputy Governor

Education, Police, the Judiciary, Finance and Social Services are all looking for entry level and professionally qualified staff as TCIG launched a two island Job Readiness Fair this week. 
Deputy Governor, Anya Williams heads up hiring for the Public Sector and said while some positions have come from resignations, others come because there are plans to expand the human capital in Government; named were the Police Force which is supposed to take on 20 new recruits and the Financial Management department. 
The DG said the interview is where job candidates struggle most and material has been created and provided to those coming out to the fair held in Grand Turk on Wednesday and Provo on Thursday. 
Anya Williams, Deputy Governor:  “We have a video which we produced which provides insight on how you should prepare your cover letters and resumes, we have produced these very helpful pamphlets which includes within it interviewing tips which the first tip is of course being prepared, finding out information on the job, coming prepared to the interview, dressing appropriately.
We want to get this information out to as much people as possible so  we are gonna see how much of this information we can post on our social media page and our web page.”

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