FCO wants TCI voters to reveal stance on Independence

The Governor said the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or FCO in the UK is interested in seeing if Turks and Caicos voters want independence. 
HE, Peter Beckingham called on leaders on the political scene to be more visionary, and to find out.  I quote from his National Heroes Day speech, “…the Foreign Office will not stand in the way of the process to see if it is a vision shared by a majority of the population.”
Governor Beckingham challenged leaders now and leaders to come to express more visionary thoughts about national development; he said this ability was evidenced in Right Excellent JAGS and is needed now, I quote H.E. again:  “It is easy to focus on the immediate, the quick road fix, or the next tourism development. But what we need is a long term vision for Turks and Caicos: its place in the region, its relationship with the UK, its approach to citizenship. These are all issues that JAGS McCartney did, and would have continued, to emphasise.” 
The Governor also estimated that the General Elections in the territory are due within the next six months.

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