Child speaks on Priton Development ‘mouldy’ house

Busted floors, water shooting into the house and a child exposed to an unhealthy environment; among the comments coming from more of the home owners in Millennium Heights. 
“I went to Priton and I explained the situation to them,  they said,”  “oh, we can replace your floors while you are in the house.”  “I said no, because I have a child with asthma.”   “Oh, no, nothing is going to happen to your child.”  “I cannot live like this anymore.”
The residents are escalating in their plans as officials, professionals and politicians continue to reach out to the group in shock over the living conditions which are being exposed in media. 
During that press conference, Saturday even the children spoke out. “Good evening, my name is Branique Williams, and I am begging you Priton, please fix our homes.  I do not want to get sick from the mold.”

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