Police tactical operation near Five Cays & Blue Hills

Police staged a Friday night operation which still has some residents who witnessed it talking about the militant demonstration which followed a tumultuous week of events in law enforcement in the country. 
It was a four hour operation carried out at the Five Cays and Blue Hills roundabouts; we are told of teams of 6 to 8 police officers clad in tactical gear, brandishing automatic weapons which were clearly seen thanks to a portable high powered light which illuminated those usually dark areas during the stop and searched. 
Barricades were also used to ensure traffic was guided and tamed during the exercise. 
Last week the TCI learned that another woman from the Dominican community was murdered when her body was found in Northwest Providenciales; that three men were charged not for trying to kill ex-cop, Alboin Williams who was shot nine times; but with armed robbery of the security company owner on April 10 …. and the public learned in a Magnetic Media special report, that security officers are not legally licensed to carry any weapons in their job as a security guards. 
We await from Police, the results of the Friday stop and search exercise.

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