Water Policy meeting poorly attended; law closer to formulation

Only six people turned out to the consultation on a soon to come national policy on water and sewerage, which was presented by University of Florida professor, Dr. Sanford Berg.

Motivated by a World Bank report which points out that there is room for improvement in water management in the region, Berg highlight on Friday that the TCI lacks something important because it lacks an agency truly devoted to managing water and its distribution in the country.

Utilities Commissioner, Malike Cummings was on hand and spoke to the water woes plaguing the Capital, Grand Turk. “This assignment will actually give cabinet certain, various options to consider, what might be the best solution to deal with infrastructure in Grand Turk. I think most of the problems are more or less economic because you do not have the cost recovery, and so it affects maintenance and so forth.”

Dr. Berg was sent in to help the country draft a new policy which is evidence based; a legal consultant, Claudia Vargas was also at the session to support the development of law.

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