PDM Leader labels Throne Speech ‘Lip Service’ from Govt

Dangling issues and dashed hopes was the theme of the response by the Leader of the Opposition, Hon Sharlene Robinson who highlighted the discrepancies the PDM has spotted in the Speech from the Throne Monday delivered as a new session of Parliament was opened.

Robinson called the message from the Rufus Ewing led administration, ‘pure lip service’ as she pointed to programs which were touted but actually do not exist.

“Mr. Speaker there was a ribbon cutting of an empty building, furniture was ordered after the ribbon was cut. Mr. Speaker staff was hired, or I hope the interviews would have happened by now, after Mr. Speaker. And then there was a statement made in the house that there were no juveniles at HMP, untrue. Mr. Speaker there has still not been any use of the facilities and juveniles are still housed at HMP.”

Robinson congratulated the Government side for saying it will institute biometrics and drones; both she said were brought in a Private Members’ motion by the Blue Hills member, Hon Goldray Ewing from their side of the aisle.

“We are glad that this government is now seeking to put in place the recommendations, of this honorable house, brought by the visionaire himself, the representative of Blue Hills, to use biometrics to fight crime.”

A criticism that it was the same old speech which does not correlate with the proposed budget was a repeated refrain by the PDM Leader.

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