Man cautioned for threatening Mike Misick; Mistrial Motion comes today

Providenciales, 02 Feb 2016 – Show Police are taking threats against SIPT prosecutors, defendants and their attorneys seriously and have cautioned at least one TCI man for alleged threatening words leveled at ex-Premier, Michael Misick.

The Police were told of the incident and last Friday paid the civilian a visit; Magnetic Media is informed that lead attorney for Misick, Ralph Thorne, lodged the complaint.

Nine are on trial for maladministration where reported millions were allegedly moving through Progressive National Party account, personal bank accounts and all from private developers between 2003 and 2009.

Thorne, as Misick’s attorney exposed the threat in a media statement; he also shared that he would file a mistrial motion which he did yesterday. Arguments had to be presented to Justice Paul Harrison by 3pm Monday; court resumes this morning to hear those mistrial motions.

Among the complaints from the Misick camp, that a media statement issued by Beaches owner, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart was prejudicial against his client.

Butch Stewart admitted to paying a huge fine when a treasurer unbeknownst to him, he said, deposited $1.65 million dollars into Prestigious Properties bank account.

Yesterday, Magnetic Media inadvertently said it was $1.2 million, when the fine was actually $12 million dollars.

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