CDC says: Men spread Zika through Sex

Providenciales, 25 Feb 2016 – Athletes should not fear Zika at the coming Olympic Games in Rio, three pregnant women in Florida have tested positive for the Zika virus and there is more information on how the mosquito borne virus is spread through sexual contact.

Evidence says, at this point it is the man who spreads Zika to his partner; that’s because the virus remains in semen longer than blood according to the CDC and it can be spread before there are even any signs of the Zika virus in the carrier.

The article at the Centers for Disease Control website is quite graphic in explaining what is and is not known about Zika and sexual transmission… there is also an informative piece on how to stay safe if one is pregnant in a Zika zone.

Find our report and follow the link to read it for yourself. Magnetic Media can say this, there are more unknowns about Zika and Sex at this stage… just boosting the potential fear factor linked to this global health emergency.

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