Poachers slammed with seven charges; some escape

Dominicans Poaching VesselProvidenciales, 17 Sept 2015 – The two Dominican men caught poaching in TCI waters are facing seven charges for poaching and DEMA officials yesterday explained that the arrest could not have been made without a collaborative maneuver involving Police and DEMA marine officers.

The two were allegedly caught with 35 pounds of parrotfish and lobster and illegal equipment on Sunday. The charges are: taking marine product without a license; taking marine product using breathing apparatus; possession of a spear gun; taking marine product by use of a speargun; use of an unlicensed vessel; possession of egg-bearing lobster and possession of parrot fish.

DEMA Director, Dr. John Claydon revealed that some of the poachers escaped, “Although there were more poachers that we could not apprehend safely, the Officers were very professional in the way they handled the situation.

This type of illegal fishing is the biggest threat to TCI fisheries and we need to continue sending a strong message to foreign poachers.”

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