Twenty-six revealed for first National Honors and Awards

Jestina Delancy fix

Fulford Mills PereriaProvidenciales, 18 Aug 2015 – Congratulations flying all over social media for the 26 individuals who will make up the inaugural awardees in the National Honors and Awards for 2015.

The names and categories within which they fall were placed in the government’s Gazette on Friday and that has ignited a lot of joy and excitement in many quarters.

Here are the 26: William H. Mills for distinguished service as a Parliamentarian and Mary Robinson for her career as an educator will receive the highest prize: The Order of Turks and Caicos and both will be referenced now as The Most Honorable.

The Patriotic Award goes to four individuals who are Stanley Been, an educator; Noel Gardiner, a boat builder; Sylvia Melhado in Health and Carlton Mills for education, politics and history. These will be officially referred to as ‘the Much Honored”.

There are eleven individuals who will receive for long service awards in various fields. Namely: Jenniemae Deane-Forbes for Education; Jestina Delancy for Education; Bishop George Fulford for Spiritual leadership; Annie Garland from the Postal Service; Jane Garland for work as an Education Officer; The Gospel Pioneers, for long career in Gospel music and community service; Marionette Hinds, for Christian service and Education; Ismae Pereira for Education; Michael Simmons, for excellence in Public Works Department; Lynette Thomas for service as Broadcaster and Journalist and Stephanie Thomas for her work in Education.

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