Opposition Questions consultancy on new InvestTCI

Colin HeartwellProvidenciales, 05 Aug 2015 – Some people have an issue with the way the contract for the consultancy job for the new Invest TCI was awarded; charging that the proper procedure was abandoned in favor of giving the job to former NIB boss, Colin Heartwell. During House of Assembly debate last week, the PDM leveled a questioned at Minister of Finance, Washington Misick to find out who was in the running for the task of re-establishing the investment agency of the country.

Hon. Sharlene Robinson, Opposition Leader: “Will the Minister be pleased to say who were the bidders and what was the cost of the consultancy awarded.”

Indeed former National Insurance Board Director Colin Heartwell’s company: British West Indies Consulting has won the bid and will establish a new version of TC Invest. Heartwell, who is now resigned from the NIB will cultivate the entity which is anticipated to bridge gaps between government and the business sector, and “work with investors who want to do business in the TCI, as well as advising government on how it can create the right environment to encourage trade and streamline the investment process.”

Finance Minister, Hon. Misick said two bids came in.

“And they were received they were received from KPMG Corporate Finance Ltd, for $320,000 and British West Indies Consulting for $264,000…”

British West Indies Consulting, owned by Heartwell who is a permanent resident of the islands was announced since April as most appropriate for the job. At that time it was also explained that Colin Heartwell’s contract award win was in line with the Public Procurement Ordinance 2012 and it was the Public Procurement Board which selected BWI Consulting.

Still some are not convinced.

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