Poachers caught raping TCI waters of some 2,000lbs of catch



Poachers caught July 23Provdienciales, 24 Jul 2015 – As many as 28 poachers and 14 unlicensed vessels were caught yesterday in TCI waters.
This, as the country continues to battle with the British on the protection of the boarders and as the Premier writes to the UK Foreign Minister to say we need help in the area of border control.

DEMA reacted to a tip from the TCIs marine police air patrol and encountered a massive raping of TCI waters by poachers from the Dominican Republic.

The men were apprehended, according to the report at Whale Breakers which is approximately seven miles south of Bush Cay; this happened Thursday afternoon.

“They were found to be in possession of illegal spear guns, breathing apparatus, as well as just over 2,000lbs of illegal catch, including Parrot Fish, Lobster and Conch.”

The men are locked up now, but also nearly got away with: “… 1,462lbs of lobster, within that, 69 egg-bearing lobster and 485lbs of parrot fish.” The breaches are significant said DEMA Director, Dr John Claydon who explained that the charges attached to fishing lobster outside of the season alone are hefty.

As many as eight charges will be leveled against the 28 Dominicans; Claydon said: “It is vitally important to rid the TCI of foreign poaching vessels, and we are very grateful for the Marine Police’s assistance with this successful operation, and I would like to thank all the DEMA Officers involved.”

The Director also called the operation well-organised and well-equipped, and the scale of the illegal fishing activities was quite staggering.

Despite this reported law enforcement synergy, Magnetic Media understands that two vessels got away.

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