Strawberry Moon a delicious show from Midday today

Providenciales, 02 Jun 2015 – How about a strawberry moon for lunch today; well it is what scientists are alerting us of… and explains that it will be quite a spectacle to watch as the full moon groups up with the planet Saturn and star Antares in the eastern sky at dusk and nightfall. The website further explains, and very poetically, that as our Earth turns underneath the heavens tonight, look for this full moon, Saturn and Antares to move westward across the nighttime sky. The celestial threesome climbs highest up for the night around midnight, and sits low in the west at dawn on June 3. This year’s Strawberry Moon turns precisely full on June 2, 2015 at 16:19 Universal time or 12:19pm for us in the TCI. Bottom line: At dusk and nightfall on June 2, which is today look for the full moon – called the Strawberry Moon and it is said the sight will be lower in the southeast.

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