Preemie Fletcher gets great support in recent TCI Hospitals blood drive

Providenciales, 11 Jun 2015 – Kudos are going out to the community for its swift action in donating blood at the Blood Bank when it was learned that a premature baby was in dire need. TCI Hospitals sent out an SOS and pints and pints came in… according to a PTV8 News report the baby, is three weeks old is the tiniest child born at the hospitals here. Shania Fletcher is her name, entering the world at a mere 620 grams or 1.3lbs and due to the delicate nature of her condition and the number of blood transfusions which may be required; little Shania will have to remain at hospital until she is 35 weeks and at least two kilos; she is currently 28 weeks old. Doctors are monitoring her every move to ensure she is progressing well, and while there are big praises to the public for coming through so well… residents are encouraged to make blood donation a regular civic responsibility as sometimes, there is no opportunity to launch a public appeal.

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