Deandrea remembers Michael Jackson moment

Providenciales, 25 Jun 2015 – This day in history Michael Jackson died at the age of 50; that was in 2009.

Regrettably, I never got to meet or interview this musical icon but I did get to see him playful and guarded by about 30 Royal Bahamas Police Officers as he tried to make it to the stage at the opening of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Squatting beneath that canopy of officers, on assignment at that star-studded opening, I too dropped to the ground in a squat just to peep the King of Pop… he hailed me with a wide grin, covered his mouth as he laughed and then hit the stage transforming from a child-like genius to a musical master. If you are in the mood for some Michael J today; go to my FB page for a YouTube playlist of little known hits belted out by Jackson.

Better yet, we’ve also got links to YouTube video of the opening in 1998 of the Royal Towers at Atlantis where he sang a song all of us could use these days, ‘Heal the World.’ WATCH NOW:

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