Minimum Wage not a done deal; Govt wants public feedback

Providenciales, 09 Apr 2015 – Government may have to pull back on two major initiatives; which after being reported as approved at Cabinet now have to go to the public for feedback. Minimum wage, the first, is seemingly getting some push back and a call for comments was yesterday Gazetted. The report in the Gazette is soliciting opinions and views on the proposal to up hourly earnings from $5.50 to $6.25. Government in February announced that minimum wage increase would take effect since April 1st; just days ahead of the implementation though, there was notice that the change is delayed to May 15th. However, based on the wording in this most recent public notice, if public feedback is strongly negative for a hike, there could be a withdrawal of the 25% boost in minimum wage altogether.

The notice says the public has until April 30th to weigh in on minimum wage, so it is not a done deal. Your comments can be delivered by hand to Employment Services Department on Provo and Grand Turk or your District Commissioner’s Office or emailed to

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