Chef Wolfgang with new Menu at Grace Bay Club Resorts

Chef WolfgangProvidenciales, 29 April – A new menu was recently launched at the Grace Bay Club; Magnetic Media spoke to Chef Wolfgang about the range of delicacies which fuse island flavors with gourmet goodies.

“We started with the raw bar here and I think it’s a strong influence with all the local fish and seafood that we’re serving which is well received by our international clientele. Then at the Infinity Bar, we have a wide variety on the menu there with of course we try to use a lot of local products that we get from North Caicos here and again a strong influence on fish, but we did also some classic items with the brick roast, chicken with the Wiener Schnitzel, which comes from my home town on the menu and this is well received.”

Every course on the menu at the restaurants at Grace Bay Club has been enhanced with delicious flavors.
“So I think we tried to cater to as much as possible the international clientele here, and you know the setting of Grace Bay is stunning here so…”

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