Trolley at Provo Airport will now cost

Mills 2015Providenciales, 13 2015 – No more free trolleys at the Providenciales International Airport, the new system brings a new fleet of the helpful luggage trolleys and a new system to maintain them; and that will cost money. Lavern Reynolds, Terminal & Marketing Manager at the airport explained: “The Airport is always looking for new ways to enhance passenger experience and add to the ease of facilitation. The trolley system is only one of the ways we have made things better for passengers ….” Express Karts TCI Trolleys has installed the new system and introduced the new trolleys which is also featured in the parking lot. A media release explains the machine holds 36 trolleys for an initial total of 108 with the possibility of adding more to the rack. During a tour of the newly renovated airport, students of the Mills Institute got to test run the system; there is a $5 fee for use of those trolleys.

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