BWIC strong at FortisTCI Science Fair

Providenciales, 10 Mar 2015 – British West Indies Collegiate was a standout at this year’s Fortis TCI & Ministry of Education Science Fair & Quiz challenges. The school earned second place in the project category and won the high school quiz challenge. BWIC students impressed with a project that proved we could use orange peel to not only melt Styrofoam but use the solutions from the melted Styrofoam to make glue and waterproof shellac. Here is Logan & Chelsea: “We realized that Styrofoam is a very prevalent waste material in Turks and Caicos, so we wanted to find a way to break that down because it does not decompose very easily.

“So then we did some further research and we found out that d-Limonene exists in the peels of orange rinds and when extracted, it forms an oil, which dissolves Styrofoam basically.”

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