Vows to make a difference, first full week for new Police ‘Commish’

Providenciales, 16 Feb 2015 – His first full week on the job as the new Police Commissioner of the Turks and Caicos Islands and James Smith was succinct in his remarks, but stated firmly what he believes it will take to make his tenure fruitful.

“can I just say that I am terribly honoured to have been selected for this job. I do come with a lot of experience, I will make a difference because that is what I am good at, I will build the trust of the people, I will hold you to account as well, I am grateful that you’ve said you will support me and I will hold you to account for that because we all need help. I look forward to enhancing the skills of the officers that are here, I know that you have good skills already but there is always work to be done.”
Commissioner Smith said the only way to keep the islands safe is through an effective Community Policing strategy. That handover ceremony was held last Wednesday in Grand Turk.

“I do have a passion for community policing and I believe that successful policing comes from communities. It comes from an intimate knowledge of the people that we serve and that’s the only way we can keep these islands safe.”

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