Western Air taking Turquoise Morning to Andros

Andros Blue HoleProvidenciales, 28 Jan 2015 – Western Air is flying Magnetic Media & Turquoise Morning into San Andros in the North and Congo Town in the South this week… as we for the first time film in largest island of The Bahamas known for its vastness and variety of enchanting habitats: Andros! Blue holes, mangroves, creeks and fishing flats make the island an eco-tourism hot spot. Home of the Crab Festival, known as the Bone Fishing Capital of the World and where we may find the mystical and legendary Chikcharney… Andros is the biggest yard in The Bahamas and we will explore it courtesy of WesternAir and aired on Turquoise Morning. You can see where WesternAir flies when you log onto Follow @DeeCaribbean on Facebook; we will be posting photos of our trip into Andros island.

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