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Kishco is a fourth generation old family business which is a very well recognized and respected in the Indian industry. Kishco is committed to providing excellent services. Kishco lends itself to business of yarns, fabrics, PU+PVC, new garments, used clothing and other associated products such as home furnishings like blankets, carpets, towels, bed sheets etc. Kishco is actively working with approx. 40 countries worldwide in five different continents. It is equipped with a very good and broad spectrum of suppliers/buyers in India for selling/buying all types of textile products.

Kishco TCI has its department stores at various locations in Providenciales & Grand Turk. Elegantly dressed, convivial floorwalkers and sales associates who are willing to help customers find what they were looking for with stores gaily decorated not only for holidays but for various seasons. Consider Kishco as a one stop house for all its customer needs!!!

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