Meeting for Turks and Caicos Islanders who are US Citizens

Providenciales, 13 Nov 2014 – US Embassy in town for a round of meetings and they began last night with Turks and Caicos Islanders, and those islanders who are also US Citizens.

Told that no longer is it required to have a third party booking your reservations to get a US Visa, that the process is online and quite efficient. Magnetic Media learned weeks ago that residents have been enquiring about denouncing US citizenship in light of changes coming in financial regulations due to FATCA. The FATCA policies for the Turks and Caicos have been delayed implementation; but once enacted and enforced will require in depth reporting on the financial dealings, including bank account information of US citizens within the territory.

Right now it is just a matter of time. Paul Stilley, US Embassy Vice Consul along with Brandon Borkowiz are hosting those sessions where since 4pm they were in with the Haitian community and tomorrow it will be a meeting with American citizens at the consular office in Provo; that was opened in 2012 in Grace Bay.

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