2 Gov’t Officials Investigated by Integrity Commission

Providenciales, 3 Nov 2014 – The Deputy Governor will have to undergo an inquiry in relation to that infamous August incident at the Grand Turk Cruise Center where it is alleged that she and two other high ranking TCIG officials (also said to be her cousins) tried to jip the Customs Department of duty monies. While the Integrity Commission has ruled that that DG Anya Williams did not act corruptly in the matter… they are giving further consideration as to whether she breached the Code of Conduct for persons in public life.

This inquiry, explained a press release will give Deputy Governor Williams a chance to share her side of the story. Also coming out today; news that Permanent Secretary of Health and Human Services, Desiree Lewis is off the hook. The Integrity Commission saying that they have found no fault as it relates to Lewis’ connection to the same incident from August at the Cruise Center. The group is said to have tried to bring over 50 items of luggage off a Carnival cruise ship as freight in order to avoid paying the customs charges.

There was a report that the three cousins threatened Customs officers. The Director of the Integrity Commission explained the inquiry where the Deputy Governor is the star witness, will seek to determine if that is indeed what happened.

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