A Full Pledge Call Center for Public Service

Providenciales, 23 Oct 2014 – Within the next two years the center plans to expand to a full pledge Call center which will include a Help Desk.

This New Help Desk will eventually be able to accept all calls and requests from outside of the Public service as well as within the Public Service pertaining to queries, as well as maintenance issues. It will allow better functioning, as they will be able to schedule and record progress to completion of any faults and or maintenance issues received, as well as it will allow TCIG to better disseminate information to the Public overall.

The initial implementation of the DIGICEL system is completed and the center currently has three CISCO switch Boards. They are also currently are still operating with two LIME switch boards as well, as the system has not been completely migrated.

Within the next few months they should have the system up and running and totally functional, completing the migration and rendering the former LIME system obsolete.

When the system is fully migrated additional staff will be recruited, as the automated system has been refuted. Current staff is also scheduled to receive training as required within the next two years.

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