LIME CEO at the CANTO trade show in Nassau

NASSAUbtc11-1024x680, BAHAMAS (Aug 29) — Phil Bently, the CEO of Cable and Wireless Communications, a company which the Caribbean now calls LIME was at the CANTO trade show in Nassau… in addition to signing over 2% of shares back to the Bahamian people to return majority ownership to the country of its telecoms company BTC… Bently shared that there are plans to invest over $170M to upgrade and expand services over the next three years in The Bahamas. Sixty million will go to upgrade for more cell sites and more powerful radio signals, across the entire Bahamas delivering the fastest mobile network in the Caribbean; this will reduce dropped calls. Additionally, $8M is to be invested to back up power on the networks… $40M will go to broadband and fibre network investment which means swifter downloads and another $25M to go to a multi-protocol label switching investment to provide business customers with the most secure network in the Caribbean. A new app to check and pay bills on mobile devices and an over $1B“investment Caribbean wide is forecast to revolutionize how customers live, work and play through Cable & Wireless.

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