ChikV a Full Blown Epidemic in Jamaica

Providenciales, 29 Sept 2014 – While the Turks and Caicos Health Department remains tight lipped on the newest numbers for confirmed and suspected cases of Chikungunya Virus in the country… a nearby nation has seen its official Opposition Party announce that ChikV is now a full blown epidemic in that country. Jamaica’s shadow minister for health, Dr Kenneth Baugh (JLP) said the government was out of touch with the seriousness of Chikungunya and now the country is battling the mosquito borne virus which has surged in spread at 200 suspected cases.

Magnetic Media was this weekend informed that there are now two deaths in Jamaica being blamed on ChikV; one a high school student who reportedly just collapsed on the street. Meanwhile CARPHA continues to report figures that are out-dated for member countries, explaining in a recent news story that many nations are not reporting. Our newsroom has confirmed at least three new or suspected new cases of ChikV in Provo, yet and despite weeks and weeks of requests in writing, by calling and even to the Office of the Premier; health and government officials are not forthcoming about current figures, especially important in the aftermath of flooding caused by August’s TS Cristobal. With nations like Haiti at nearly 65 thousand, and the DR approaching half a million suspected cases … it is important for the general public to get an update on preventative initiatives and cases recorded here by the Health Department. Caricom recently announced a seminar aimed at coping with both Chikungunya and Ebola, as fears about their threat to the region escalate.
Meanwhile, Jamaicans have released this song… QUOTE. To hear more, follow Magnetic Media fanpage on Facebook.

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