Rodney Adams has been charged with corruption offenses

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Rodney Adams has been charged with corruption offenses contrary to the Integrity Commission Ordinance.

The charges come following investigations into allegations that he was improperly involved in the police investigation of the murder of Kaziah Burke which occurred earlier this year.

Adam’s son, Roderick Adams was one of the accused in the murder. Rodney Adam’s involvement in the case reportedly came into question after the charges were dropped against his son.

The 29 year officer was arrested a month ago on suspicions of these allegations, which have not yet been made public to the media. Adams was then interviewed and granted bail. He will appear in court on December 3, 2013 to answer to these charges.

Rodney Adams is being represented by Missick and Stanbrook, which has issued statement expressing Adam’s innocence and intimating that there is something more motivating the criminal charges.

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