Newly opened Xtreme Fitness says TCI in health crisis; the plan is to help the nation get fit

#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Island s- Thursday April 12, 2018 – Offering modern equipment and determined to deliver education and training are to be hallmarks of the newest fitness facility in Providenciales: Xtreme Fitness, which opened on Saturday, April 7 at the Centre Mews on Leeward Highway.     

Owners and operators of the gym, Bruce and Barbara Whatley, put on quite an opening show with ribbon cutting and invited guests having a chance to tour the site – located at the former RBC – and to sign up with a gift given to those coming on board on day one.

“We are limited to what we know and unless we educate the population generally, then how do we make a change in terms of a healthier lifestyle.  We have provided a variety of equipment, really modern and upgraded but it is more than just that, and we are going to do lots education and training,” said Bruce Whatley, fitness coach and owner.

The plans are ambitious and a hand will be extended even to government, explained the couple, to become more involved in the lives of people who are battling chronic diseases.

“When seven per cent of the people of this country die of lifestyle diseases that’s a crisis and we need to recognize it for what it is and we are going to seek to help, work as hard as we know how to work to address that.”  

Selvon ‘Bruce’ Whatley said Xtreme Fitness is now opened to help to alleviate some of the burden of the government, when it comes to getting the population more healthy.

“If someone goes to the doctor and the doctor says you need to lose some weight, more often than not, that person is not going to walk out of the doctor’s office and into a fitness facility.  We are going to establish a network and relationship by which somebody from the hospital picks up the phone and calls us, and we can spend 10-minutes (talking to that patient) and we believe it can make the world of difference.”

Bruce, a professional, champion body-builder and Mr. Guyana 2017 explained that his program will help you to lose the weight, get healthy and it will not require people to change who they are as Caribbean citizens.

“As a person, as a native Turks and Caicos Islander for example, you don’t have to give up your identity but making that necessary adjustment can happen to make sure that we lead, collectively a healthier lifestyle.”

Barbara, who is no stranger on the fitness scene, said that is how she and Bruce connected.  It was shared that Bruce is deep into fitness and health, that he continues to guide even his wife, now of six years, and they are true partners in the effort at Xtreme Fitness.

“I will continue to educate people along with my husband and there are still some lifestyle changes that I also have to make and we are going to work together to make this nation better as it relates to fitness.”

There are over 100 pieces of equipment at Xtreme Fitness explained Bruce, who said the offering at the new center, takes into consideration from the novice to the professional member; what they would need to use in order to get to the level of fitness that makes them feel better about themselves.

“We have a variety of cardio machines including one of the most upgraded Stair Masters, we have a variety of bikes, treadmills and for example if someone wants to work his or her chest, we have eight different options and the same is true for your legs, your back – every muscle group that you want to work, we have a variety, multiple machines to get them from different angles.  That’s how you get the results.”

About the name, Xtreme Fitness, it was said  “we plan to take fitness to another level… and our motto is where fitness is not a goal, but a lifestyle.”

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