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Big haul in Inagua, drug bust leads to five Haitians arrested

#Bahamas, December 11, 2017 – Inagua – A major drug bust over the weekend has led to five Haitian men being arrested.   The DEU and the DEA again teamed up and uncovered what was described as a large quantity of cocaine on a boat in Inagua.    The joint operation on Saturday led to such a massive discovery of cocaine, that Superintendent Jamuel Ferguson, commander of the Drug Enforcement Unit was unable to say how much illicit cargo was found because they were still off loading the vessel.

The Drug Enforcement Agency of the US got the tip, the Bahamas Drug Enforcement Unit helped in the bust.   Ferguson said, “The drugs were hidden in a concealed compartment of the vessel.   The search is not completed but it is a significant amount.    They are Haitian nationals and the boat originated from Haiti.”

Recently the Bahamas DEU unearthed marijuana farms in Andros; over 10,000 plants on two large cannabis fields in Owens Town, Andros.    The report reveals, DEU officers along with DEA agents from the United States were on routine patrol when they discovered a marijuana field and uprooted an estimated 8,000 marijuana plants.    DEU agents returned to the area the next day around noon and discovered a second field, where they uprooted an estimated 2,300 marijuana plants.

No one has been arrested as yet and the investigation continues.




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