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FNM Leader denies avoiding media, not in Parliament because busy campaigning

Bahamas, April 14, 2017 – Nassau – FNM Leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis is denying any claims that he has been avoiding the media.  The leader is said to have declined answering questions posed by the press following the FNM’s Press conference in response to Tuesday’s Election date announcement. In making statements post celebrations held to observe his April 16th Birthday at the Gambier Primary School, the FNM leader says he has been taken up in other meetings leading up to the polls.

FNM SupporterHe admits that while he has not been in Parliament for the past three months because he has been occupied campaigning to get Prime Minister Perry Christie’s job.  Speaking to reporters following his birthday celebrations, Dr. Minnis says: “I’ve had other meetings, and even leaving here I have other engagements. I’m focusing on rescuing this country from this inept, incompetent government and we must put plans, programmes together. There are many individuals I must speak to, to get their ideas, their input, and put everything together”.

In response to PM Christie calling the elections a sprint to the end, Dr.Minnis says “an unprepared individual must sprint, they sprint to catch up…this is the date, that is the finish line and now we can continue to cruise along it.”

Story by: Kimberly Ramkhalawan





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