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Beaches Turks and Caicos Celebrates International Housekeeping Week 2023



PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands:   Guests who visit Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC) enjoy soaking up the sun, diving or leisurely swimming in the ocean, jamming by the swim up bar or enjoying a meal at any of the 20 dining locations, there is no doubt that at the end of a full day outdoors, theywant to return to a clean and comfortable room where they can cuddle up in the warm and fragrant sheets. To celebrate the hard work and commitment of the team and the resort, the world paused to the work and worth of this team.

International Housekeeping Week was celebrated under the theme, “We’re A Mess Without You!” The Housekeeping Department of Beaches Turks and Caicos had a host of activities that were designed to inspire and even make some perspire.

Housekeeping kicked things off with praise and worship sessions on day one. One of the guest speakers of the day, Michelle Parker, village manager, delivered a succinct yet very impactful charge to the housekeepers taking the word “mess” from the theme and forming an acronym.

Housekeepers were reminded that as they execute their daily duties, they serve as messengers of positive energy and hope. She also commended them on being an exceptional team as they render service with a smile in spite of the many personal or job related challenges, noting also that they are significant.  Applause erupted from her captive audience as she declared, “you have delivered more with less.”

Jennifer Lee, executive housekeeper, when asked what she hoped to accomplish from the week’s activities, shared, “housekeeping is the nucleus of everything so this week we are setting out to celebrate the team. We want to show them just how much we value them.”

Day two highlighted the origami making skills of team members in the Champion Artist Towel Origami Battle Royale. Contestants representing each village vied for the origami championship title. They had 10 minutes to create their masterpieces. The competitions were hotly contested. At the command of “Go”, hands moved speedily with precision as towels were contorted and finessed into the desired animal, heart and floral designs. The towel origamis were accentuated by artificial or real flowers, leaves and bows. The atmosphere was rife with excitement as fellow housekeepers watched and cheered. The judges declared Ramon Russell and Phanese Cledlas of French Village the winners for the morning shift and Joy Jorquia and Genelyn Dinglasa winners for the afternoon shift.


Though each team set out to win, the team spirit among the housekeeping staff was evident. Everybody was laughing and having a good time with vibe master Chad Gabbidon, assistant executive housekeeping manager, on the mic.

Gabbidon’s expression of appreciation for his team was palpable. When asked what he is most thankful for during theweek of celebration, he noted, “they are the stars,” in reference to the housekeepers. “They show up and I don’t just mean their physical presence but they show up with a positive attitude.”

The Appreciation Awards began on day three and culminated on day four with a luncheon at the Key West Conference Room. It was indeed a very festive and sentimental afternoon. After Marie Prospere, supervisor, blessed the proceedings, the guests of honour (the housekeepers) were invited to dine. The entertainment segment followed. One of the hosts of the event, housekeeper, Raquel Mitchell had team members on their feet. The dance-off generated much excitement and had persons chanting their winner. The event ended with the distribution of certificates and gifts.

The energy of the week shifted gears as the housekeepers transitioned from action oriented activities to a Health and Wellness Talk on day five. Dr. Meghan Oriley was the facilitator of the presentation which covered tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The housekeepers’ appreciated the health focus as this provided an opportunity for them to learn more about possible health concerns.

Housekeeping Olympics was held on Day six. It featured events such as blindfolded bed making competition, towel fold-off, cart racing and toilette paper bowling. For the bed making competition one member of the team was blindfolded while the other gave instructions. The morning shift’s defending champion, Sherice Reece, was determined not to relinquish her title. With the help of teammate, Gabrielle Jolly, they secured the win to give the Italian Village bragging rights for yet another year.

The second place title went to Kavine Warren and Aldre Thomas from the French Village. For the afternoon shift, Winston Donaldson and Iran Mark, two housemen of the Caribbean and French Village respectively, were crowned champions of the blindfolded bed making competition. Joy Jorquia and Genelyn Dinglasa of the Key West Village placed second.

Marland Audige folded 42 towels in five minutes to secure the title of Towel Folding Champion and Claudette Jones–Hinds placed second. The public area cart racing was won byLuccene Sileus and Elsi Maesna and the winner of the toilette paper bowling competition was Gener Mondelus.

After all those intensely contested competitions, there was no better way to bring an end to the celebration than with a lime on day seven. Director of Operations Rooms Division, Ian Harris, shared that the housekeepers had a perfect week of celebration. “The schedule was well organised,” he added. “It was comprehensive as it covered the housekeeper’s spiritual life, their health and highlighted their many skills in a fun way. We also had the joy of socializing with and learning more about each other.” On the final day, the housekeeping staff were invited to unwind.  As they rocked to the beat of their favourite tunes, games were played, conversations exchanged and pockets of laughter erupted. This mellow vibe brought the curtains down on the weeklong event which celebrated the dedicated housekeeping staff of Beaches Turks and Caicos.


Firearm and Drug Charges



Media Release


July 15th, 2024.


SHAIWANZO MISSICK of South Back Salina, Grand Turk, has been charged with six counts of firearm-related offences.

Missick, 30, was charged on July 13 after police officers consulted with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The offences against Missick are:

  • One Count – Discharging Firearm
  • One Count- Discharging Ammunition
  • One Count-Possession of Firearm with intent to commit a serious offence
  • Two Counts-Possession of Ammunition
  • One Count –Possession of Firearm
  • One Count-Possession of Controlled Drugs
  • One Count- Possession of Controlled Drugs with intent to supply.

The charges against Missick came following a report made on Saturday, 29 June 2024,  following a shooting incident in Breezy Brae.

Officers obtained a warrant and searched the accused’s residence based on the information received.

The RT&CIPF is asking the public to notify the closest police station, contact 911, the Serious Crime Unit at 231-1842, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477, and anonymously give any information on illegal activity.

Additionally, persons are encouraged to download the Crime Stoppers P3 app from the Google Play Store or Apple Apps and share information anonymously.

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Five Cays Shooting Update



#TurksandCaicos, July 19, 2024 – Shortly after noon on July 12th, the Control Room of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force received reports of a shooting in Five Cays, Providenciales. A team of offices was dispatched to Granny Hill.

Upon arrival, several interviews were conducted, and evidential items were retrieved.  Thankfully, no one was injured.

Given the investigation’s sensitivity and lines of inquiry, the RT&CIPF cannot comment further.

We are aware of audio videos and photographs purporting to be the location of where the incident allegedly occurred and ask that persons circulating such be mindful of exposing victims.

The RT&CIPF is again reaching out to the public, emphasising their crucial role in this investigation.

We urge you to notify the closest police station, contact 911, the Serious Crime Unit at 231- 1842, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477, and anonymously provide any information on this shooting or any illegal activity.

Your cooperation is vital in ensuring justice is served. Additionally, persons are encouraged to download the Crime Stoppers P3 app from the Google Play Store or Apple Apps and share information anonymously.

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Discharge of Firearm



Turks and Caicos – Shortly after 10:00 p.m. on Friday 05th July 2024, the Police Control Room received a report of gunshots being heard at the TCI Disposal and Solid Waste, located along Millennium Highway, Blue Hills.

Officers and medical personnel responded, and based on preliminary investigations, a truck transporting a male occupant entered the dump and started offloading items.

An employee at the dump site confronted the occupant. However, he was shot at.

The employee managed to escape. Thankfully, he was not injured. This remains an active investigation.

The RTCIPF asks the public to notify the closest police station, contact 911, the Serious Crime Unit at 231-1842, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477, and anonymously give any information on illegal activity. Additionally, persons are encouraged to download the CrimeStoppers P3 app and share information anonymously.

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