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Family Concerned after Inmate badly beaten in prison  



By Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer


#TurksandCaicos, November 22, 2022 – Police are not commenting in the case of an inmate allegedly badly beaten earlier this month at the Department of Corrections, formerly Her Majesty’s Prison, which is in Grand Turk; they say there is no case with them, so there is no comment.

TCI Media is nonetheless reporting that an inmate of Her Majesty’s prison had to be rushed to hospital on November 11th, after being beaten bloody by other prisoners. The report was made by TCI Spotlight; no information on the incident was shared with the public by the police which continue to raise questions weeks after the incident reportedly happened.

The report informs that the victim of the mass beating was Andrew Parker, a 32-year-old inmate serving 25 years for rape, kidnapping and robbery. Parker was sentenced in December 2021 after escaping police custody at least twice.

Reports indicate that Parker used a phone, which is prohibited for inmates; he was conversing with someone outside the prison about the string of killings in Providenciales. That conversation was recorded, running for just under four minutes.  Despite the speaker’s plea not to share the information from the conversation was shared and went viral in September.  It prompted a search, resulting in the discovery of the illegal cellular phone.

Relatives told Spotlight that Parker was relieved of the phone and locked away in maximum security, purportedly for his own protection and as punishment for the breach.  Those who allegedly busted him in the head and wounded his torso are also locked up in Maximum Security, the family questions the safety of this decision.

The 32-year-old inmate was returned on Friday, November 11th to the general population of the facility, where he was allegedly ganged by several inmates who beat him severely.  By the time officers rushed into the cell block, Andrew Parker was already in need of medical care.  He was seen by the onsite medical practitioner and then rushed to hospital.

It was reported to our newsroom, on the day in question, that prison officers brought in a young man with a stab would and serious head injuries at the Cockburn Town Medical Center.  He was taken into emergency, at the time we had learned.  That was shortly before 6 pm on November 11.

In reaching out to police to corroborate the reports, Magnetic Media was informed, “no report was made to the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force regarding the incident mentioned, as such, we cannot comment.”

Spotlight newspaper cited its source as relatives of Mr. Parker.


Assistance Needed in Identifying Murder Victim





June 16th, 2024.

The Serious Crimes Unit of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police yesterday (June 15th)  evening responded to a report of a shooting death.

Upon arrival at a location along Five Cays and South Dock Road, Providenciales, officers observed the body of a male with what appeared to be gunshot wounds.

The victim is approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall. He was found wearing red shorts, blue underpants, and a pair of black and white slippers and was shirtless. The individual had a dreadlocks hairstyle.

There were tattoos on both his arms and a cross under both eyes.

The estimated age of the victim is between 25 to 40 years old.

We are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying this individual.

Anyone with information that may help in this investigation is urged to contact the closest police station, 911, the Serious Crime Unit at 231-1842, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477 to provide any information on this murder anonymously.

Additionally, individuals are encouraged to download the CrimeStoppers P3 app to share information anonymously.


Murder scene photo by Wilkie Arthur, Eagle Legal News Media

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Male Charged With Murder



#TurksandCaicos, June 7, 2024 – A 29-year-old male has been charged with the murder of BUTLER BRAVE PROPHETE. KERLY AGENOR, of Dock Yard, Providenciales, was charged today (June 06th) following advice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. In addition to the murder, the accused faces the following charges:

  • Possession of a Firearm
  • Possession of Ammunition
  • Discharge of a Firearm
  • Discharge of Ammunition

The charges against Mr. AGENOR state that on March 05th, 2024, in Providenciales, he murdered Mr. PROPHETE, Contrary to Section 3 of the Offenses Against the Person Ordinance Chapter 3.08.

At the time of his death, Mr. Prophete, 22, of Wheeland, Providenciales, was exiting his workplace on the Lower Bight and was shot dead.

Mr AGENOR remains in custody pending a Sufficiency Hearing.

In a brief statement, Superintendent in charge of Crime, Safeguarding, Public Protection, and Intelligence Dean Holden said: “I wish to thank the officers of the Serious Crime Unit for their dedication and commitment in bringing this case to a charge. Further, I wish to reassure the public and families that the RTCIPF is committed to bringing prosecutions against perpetrators and, when possible, closure to persons who have lost loved ones to these senseless homicides”.

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Tragic Shooting Death of Frantz Fleurimond Rocks Five Cays Community



Wilkie Arthur

Freelance Court Correspondent



#TurksandCaicos, May 31, 2024 – The tight-knit community of Five Cays was left reeling following the tragic shooting death of Frantz Fleurimond, a 34-year-old resident, on the night of Friday, May 24th, 2024.  Exclusive insights from family members, friends, and neighbors shed light on the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise of Fleurimond, known affectionately as Frantz by those who knew him.

According to accounts from family members, including his outspoken father and mild-mannered stepmother, the harrowing incident unfolded around 10 pm.  The father vividly recalled the terrifying moment when loud gunshots rang out, with one bullet piercing through their wooden home, which housed both the family and Frantz in separate sections.

This wasn’t the first brush with violence for Frantz.

Several years prior, he had endured a brutal assault in Blue Hills, leaving him with severe head injuries that required months of recuperation in Jamaica.  Despite his resilience, Frantz’s mental health had been fragile ever since, with episodes of erratic behavior and struggles with substance abuse.

Described by many as a highly respected chef at prominent hotels across Providenciales, Frantz’s life took a dark turn following the traumatic incident.  He returned to live with his parents after his marriage ended, grappling with mental illness and addiction.

Neighbors recounted hearing the fatal shots on the night of Frantz’s death, followed by a chilling silence. Rushing to investigate, they discovered Frantz’s lifeless body in his own home, prompting them to alert the authorities.

The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force confirmed the tragic incident, expressing condolences to Frantz’s grieving family.  Superintendent Dean Holden of the Serious Crimes Unit assured the community that the investigation into the shooting were underway, emphasizing the urgency of finding justice for Frantz and his loved ones.

While details surrounding Frantz’s death remain murky, speculation swirls about a potential motive stemming from his troubled past and reported confrontations with others in the community.  However, no official statements have been made regarding suspects or arrests in connection with the case.

As the Five Cays community grapples with shock and sorrow in the wake of Frantz Fleurimond’s untimely passing, loved ones remember him fondly for his culinary talents, kind spirit, and resilience in the face of adversity.  As investigations continue, hopes remain high for answers and closure for those left mourning the loss of a cherished friend, family member, and community member.

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