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Cabinet Shuffled, shocking termination; Premier relieves Akierra Missick of duties



By Deandrea Hamilton and Dana Malcolm

Editorial Team


#TurksandCaicos, November 14, 2022 – It has been over a week since Hon Akeirra Misick, Member of Parliament for Leeward and Long Bay was terminated as the minister of Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development; a cabinet shuffle that meant she would no longer be the holder of the PPID portfolio.  Needless to say, for this enormously popular, three-time member of the House of Assembly, it unleashed a firestorm of speculation and confusion.

In a statement made late Monday after a day of packing up and moving out of the Ministry that she had served in since the PNP was elected in 2021, the former deputy premier under Rufus Ewing (former PNP-elected Premier) described leaving her staff as ‘emotional.’

The decision was prompted by the Premier who in her words: “relieved her of her Cabinet portfolio.”

“The Premier can appoint and revoke any Cabinet minister’s appointment whenever he sees fit, and he is not obligated to offer any reasons for that decision. As politicians we must be mature enough to appreciate and understand that.” She maintained stressing that it was “not right for me, or you, to speculate on these matters.”

Still, when the news broke on Sunday November 6, social media was rife with confusion from residents as the unexpected cabinet shuffle announced by Premier Washington Misick went into immediate effect.

Though the decision was promoted as amicable and practical; residents from both sides of the political divide rejected the notion and immediately alternate and albeit unsubstantiated scenarios emerged as more likely to some in the public domain.

“When the country elected my government and I in February 2021, I stated them that our team was comprised of a deep bench of talent.  I remain convinced that this group of individuals will continue to work by implementing the policies, legislation and programs to progress these Turks and Caicos Islands,” said Premier Misick.

The morning after, Akierra Misick made it clear in a video she was “pivoting from frontline politics in The Turks and Caicos.”

Missick and Minister Jamell Robinson had only until the end of the day(Monday) to pack up and turn over the reins to those who will be taking over from them.

The MP took the time again to speak to her constituents in Leeward and Long Bay whom she will continue represent in parliament via video on social media.

“It’s my last day in the office of PPID—- it is amazing the amount of stuff one acquires at work.” She laughed, telling her followers it was ‘almost like moving house.’

“I’m just taking on another opportunity to return to practice law, to be a better member of parliament for Leeward and Long Bay and focus on them. At the end of the day it was an honor and a privilege to serve as your minister of PPID.”

By Tuesday November 8, Jamell Robinson and Shaun Malcolm were sworn in by Her Excellency Anya Williams, TCI Governor, acting.

In the statement on Monday November 7, Missick said, “I leave this portfolio of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Infrastructure with my integrity intact.”

Caribbean News

TCI Police Detective Holden Speaks Up on Blue Hills Rapes



Dana Malcolm  

Staff Writer  



#TurksandCaicos, March 27, 2023 – Following the announcement that several women had been robbed and assaulted in Blue Hills in the past weeks, Magnetic Media queried why the Police would wait until they had a man in custody to release an alert. 

TCI’s newest addition to the top brass Detective Superintendent Dean Holden, Head of Crime, Safeguarding and Public Protection, told us that it initially appeared to be an isolated offence and not part of a series of incidents. 

“The full circumstances needed to be investigated to ascertain the facts before a public alert could be considered. Misinformation in such a case would only cause unnecessary public concern and confusion and could adversely impact the investigation and the safeguarding of persons involved—” he said. “Even now there is no definitive information that these offences are linked, and investigators remain open-minded.”  

Holden claimed an early alert with limited information could have hindered the investigation and they were trying to protect the women who may not have wanted to be identified based on where they lived.  

As it turns out, the public concern was very much warranted, because there have been more violent sexual attacks, and more victims got hurt, forcing their hands.  

“When further similar offences were committed, the overriding principle of sustained public protection was considered, hence the alert/release issued,” he said. 

That alert was coupled with the news that a man had been arrested. Whether those further similar incidents could have been prevented if the public was informed earlier and taken extra precautions, is the underlying question. To date, we don’t know how many victims there are. 

Police have increased patrols in the Blue Hills area and condemned the crimes as unacceptable. They have not indicated if anyone was charged for the offences yet.  

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Caribbean News

Louise Garland Thomas High School are TCISS Inter-High Track & Field 2023 Champions



#TurksandCaicos, March 27, 2023 – After a festive three days of competition, the TCISS Inter-High Track & Field Championships 2023 have concluded with the A. Louise Garland Thomas High School reigning as Champions. Featuring a great turnout, eleven schools from across the Turks and Caicos Islands met to compete at the National Stadium March 9-11, 2023.

The competition was stiff among athletes, who were all competing for top spots and by extension a spot-on Team TCI’s CARIFTA 2023 team. From high-spirited invitationals to entertainment by DJ Shakes, spectators enjoyed the best Nationals competition yet.

Overall results:

  •     1st Place: A. Louise Garland Thomas High School
  •     2nd Place: Clement Howell High School
  •     3rd Place: Marjorie Basden High School

Twenty athletes have been selected for Turks and Caicos Islands National CARIFTA Team, some who would have competed in the TCISS Inter-High Track & Field Championships 2023 and some living abroad.

Here are the athletes:

  1. Roniesha Johnson U-17 Girls CHHS
  2. Branary Delancy U-17 Girls LGTHS
  3. Krysann Williams U-20 Girls LGTHS
  4. Anesha Varus U-20 Girls CHHS
  5. Lynn Antoine U-20 Girls Unattached
  6. Chyna Simmons U-20 Girls BWIC
  7. Rayvon Black U-17 Boys Denbigh/Jam
  8. Renaldo Registre U-17 Boys RGHS
  9. Jarmal Missick U-17 Boys HJRHS
  10. Melique Evans U-17 Boys CHHS
  11. Love Joseph U-17 Boys LGTHS
  12. Kaeson Garland U-17 Boys MBHS
  13. Shamar Garland U-17 Boys HJRHS
  14. Alieandio Durham U-20 Boys CHHS
  15. Bernard Hyde U-20 Boys CHHS
  16. Markey Zepherin U-20 Boys CHHS
  17. Rayvon Walkin U-20 Boys KC/Jam
  18. Anthon Walkin U-20 Boys KC/Jam
  19. Alidavidson Higgs U-20 Boys JC/Jam
  20. Darvioun Rigby U-20 Boys Keiser/USA

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Bahamas News

Soca Warriors crush  Bahamas at home



By Rashaed Esson

Staff Writer



#TheBahamas, March 27, 2023 – Trinidad and Tobago’s Soca Warriors dominated the Bahamas at home, at the Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau, for the 2022/2023 Concacaf Nations League on Friday, with a 3-0 victory.

The Soca Warriors struck their first blow within the first 5 minutes of the game, with Kareem Moses making the first shot in the top left corner of the net giving T&T one to the Bahamas’ zero (1-0).

Soon after, in about 26 minutes, they made another shot giving them 2-0 away from home; the scorer Joevin Jones. By the 34th minute mark, the winning goal was made by Ryan Telfer, T&T now at three.

Neither team scored any additional goals as the match progressed despite attempts made by various players.

Trinidad’s win gives them 12 points through five matches.  Next match for the Soca Warriors is against  Nicaragua; that clash is set for Monday March 27 (at home in Tobago at the Dwight Yorke Stadium), in a tussle of winner-take-all on the final match day.  The victor takes home a promotion to League A and a spot in the 2023 Concacaf Gold Cup.

Angus Eve, T&T’s head coach expressed that the job is only half done, keeping aware that more challenges are coming their way, one of which is the nearing match against Nicaragua who is one point ahead of the Warriors.

Meanwhile, The Bahamas will journey to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with hopes of emerging victorious there.

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