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Good day Turks and Caicos,

A few words regarding the coming day’s events to note the passing of our late Sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Following a minute’s silence at 3 pm on Sunday, the Government have announced a day of mourning on Monday 19th September.  On that day, the Premier and I will be seated in Westminster Abbey representing the peoples of these Islands, alongside the Heads of State from 170, or so, Countries and Territories. It is a remarkable moment, marking the end of the second Elizabethan age.

Things that bring us closer, nationally or globally, that remove barriers and engender empathy, are increasingly special moments and this is one such example. You may have seen a Union Flag projected onto the Matterhorn in Switzerland and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Her late Majesty’s image was projected on the Sydney Opera House while piles of floral tributes were laid outside our Consulate in Hong Kong. Symbolic of Her reach outside of Her Realm.

At the time of a major Ukrainian counter-offensive President Zelensky took time to visit our Embassy to sign the Condolence Book. In the United States the Speaker of the House of Representatives, held a minute’s silence and adjourned the House, while the famous route along Pennsylvania Avenue was lined with Union Flags at half-mast.

Anyone watching the miles of good natured and patient people queuing for hours to offer their last respects at her late Majesty’s lying in State, or on Her journey through Scotland, or from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall will, I suspect, have taken a moment to either be reassured, or pleasantly surprised, by this remarkable demonstration of quite what a unifying force the late Queen has been.  Pageantry and participation helps us move from one era to another – it allows us to be steady and sure-footed when change normally brings uncertainty and unease.

Here in TCI, some will want to use Monday to reflect on the life of the Queen and also the lives of the remarkable people, in their own families, some who are still alive, but many who will have passed who were from our late Queen’s generation.  It is, for example, impossible for me to think of Her late Majesty without thinking about the stoicism and sacrifice of my own parents, and the role she played, both as a childhood role model during the war, and then providing the backdrop to their lives – a living example of never complaining, always hardworking and life-long service to others.

For some it will be a chance to mourn in a wider sense. Many have lost close relatives, not at the grand old age the Queen reached, but in circumstances where a close relative or friend have been taken from them, suddenly, with no time to prepare. I hope this is a day that provides a quiet time to reflect on those they and we have lost, at the same time the rest of the Territory is in a similar frame of mind.

It might be a day where some choose to invest time in their family or go to Church. Her late Majesty, I think, would very much approve of that approach.  She was a committed Christian and a committed mother.  As parents, we all lead feverishly busy lives where the conflicting priorities of: work; those who we need to care for from the generation before us and those who we need to give love and attention to from the generation behind us, compete for attention along with many other pressures.

Often the last people we have proper time for, are the people most dear to us, yet the basis of a strong society, is a strong family.  Perhaps some quiet time in each other’s company, enjoying the simplicity of close family life, will – for some – be the most respectful, but also the most appropriate and rejuvenating way, to spend Monday.

On Monday, for those who wish to watch the Funeral in the company of others, and in a place of worship, there will a live screening, at 6am, at St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Church in Grand Turk, and at St Monica’s Anglican Church in Providenciales. RTC will screen the State Funeral at 6am on Monday for those who may wish to join the estimated global audience of 4 billion people. Individual Churches will make, and make known, their own arrangements, should they wish to, to hold a memorial service – but this is firmly their choice.

For those that wish to – a two minute silence echoing the silence in the Abbey at the conclusion of the Funeral – may also be observed at 7am on Monday or given the early hour, at any other time during the day, as you deem appropriate.

There will be a time to rejoice – the Future Coronation of a King – on a date not yet announced – will offer us that opportunity. But perhaps Monday can be used as a day of reflection about those who are with us, those who we love, and those who we remember built around our respectful memory of our late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  May Her late Majesty Rest in Peace and may she Rise again in Glory. ‘God Save the King’.

Caribbean News

It’s the 10GB of Christmas with Digicel



#TurksandCaicos, December 1, 2022 – Digicel rewards customers with more this Christmas and all throughout 2023 with 10GB any use data every month.

The holiday season is a time for being thankful, so Digicel has taken on an attitude of gratitude and is thanking customers by rewarding them with more from now until the end of 2023.

Through Digicel’s exclusive Christmas plans, customers will get 10GB of data every month, for all of 2023, when they buy and stay on the plan. This also goes for new customers who have bought a SIM and/or those who take advantage of the Ultimate Christmas Combo to get a brand new discounted Samsung A23 smartphone and Christmas plan.

Customers can look forward to more data; more minutes; more rewards and prizes with Pick & Win in the MyDigicel app; more speed, reliability and coverage on the fastest network; and more savings and discounts on our devices and SIMs.

Addison Stoddard, CEO of Digicel Turks & Caicos said, “We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, it’s the Christmas that keeps on giving at Digicel, so we’re offering our customers the gift that keeps on giving when they sign up and stay on any of our Christmas plans; whether it be a 3, 7 or 30 Day Prime Plus Bundle. Every month, new and existing customers who activate a Christmas plan this holiday season will get 10GB any use data, on us, when they remain on the plan all year long. For us, it’s all about continuing to put our customers first, and thanking them for every interaction they have with us.”

Customers can also win more in the MyDigicel app through Pick & Win, the new gamified way to be rewarded for any interaction with Digicel. Whether it’s switching to join the Digicel family, buying a plan, or paying bills in full and on time, customers will get the chance to Pick & Win lots of cool prizes

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Caribbean News

USVI Natural Resources Dept tackles illegal sand mining



By Shanieka Smith

Staff Writer


#USVI, December 1, 2022 – Recent reports of people taking large amounts of sand from beaches illegally have been on the increase in the US Virgin Islands.  The Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) is urging citizens to refrain from doing this.

The DPNR announced that those found guilty could be charged a fine of $10,000 daily.

While they are unaware of what the illegally mined sand is being used for, the DPNR said it cannot be used for construction.

“In seawater, chloride is present, causing corrosion of steel and iron, which ultimately leads to reducing carrying capacity, so that the structure built using this may not be sustainable,” the DPNR said.

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Bahamas News

Cruise Trippers bought big with Carnival Cruise Line on Cyber Monday



By Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer


December 1, 2022 – Cyber Monday isn’t just for electronics!  Potential vacationers broke a Carnival Cruises Cyber Monday record for bookings, purchasing 50 per cent  more tickets than 2019’s pre-pandemic shopping day.

The cruise line announced the record bookings on Tuesday, November 29th.

The company cited a successful launch campaign of the new Carnival Celebration which visited Grand Turk recently and the three additional ships joining the fleet over the next 18 months, as major ticket pushers.

“The Cyber Monday sale activity showed consumer demand across the fleet, and we were particularly pleased with the booking activity for Carnival Venezia’s new year-round service from New York, and our new extended six-month program for Carnival Magic out of Norfolk,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line.

“Our very successful naming ceremony for Carnival Celebration on November 20 and all the media coverage it generated clearly kept Carnival top of mind as vacationers got started on their holiday shopping yesterday.”

They say the pent-up demand for cruising has manifested in multiple ways in 2022, as Carnival was the first major cruise line to have its entire fleet back in operation and it now has more rooms than it was sailing in 2019.

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