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Murder & Mayhem: Three men shot, three armed robberies & One Murder in Providenciales



#TurksandCaicos, March 16, 2022 – TCI Police are saying barely anything at all about a crime spree, which has now resulted in at least one new homicide and a two-person man hunt after three days of criminal mayhem.

Two men are currently WANTED by the Serious Crimes Unit and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal TCI Police, and one of them is a murder suspect.

On Sunday, a WANTED flyer featuring Andral Perceval, of Haitian birth and nationality was put into circulation.  Perceval, is wanted for murder and several other serious offences and usually hangs out in Dock Yard, Snake Hill and Five Cays.

By Monday, the WANTED suspect list grew to include Randell Rigby Junior.  He is 22 years old of slim build and about 5’11” tall. 

 Rigby is from Five Cays in Provideniciales said the flyer.

Police have asked both men to surrender in the flyers, advising the public Perceval and Rigby are  armed and dangerous; men no one should approach.

The interest in the pair, comes after a Friday night string of armed robberies and two Saturday shootings, one which resulted in the country’s second murder for 2022.

On Friday night, our newsroom learned of a family confronted by gunmen in the Glass Shack area about a quarter to 8pm, just minutes later a band of men turned up at Sunny Foods in Five Cays, firing off shots in the parking lot and getting into the store where a cashier was robbed.  At least one vehicle was reportedly abandoned at the grocery store, the men all fled on foot.

On Saturday morning, another report surfaced.  A man was ambushed by at least two gunmen while dropping off trash at the Providenciales Landfill.  He was shot trying to fend off the fiends, who managed to get the truck he was driving.  The man was left for dead, but survived and was rushed to hospital.  His condition is unknown.

The thieves did not get away with the truck however, they were stopped by Police who had reportedly set up a blockade at the entrance/exit of the Landfill site.

The suspects abandoned the truck and got away in nearby bushes.

By 6pm Saturday, Gari Charles aka Santi was shot to death.  He was left in a pool of blood, on the ground in a small community on Mary Jane Lane, Blue Hills.

Santi has been wanted by the Royal TCI Police since October for rapes, robberies and other serious offences.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Sunday morning, another prolific offender was shot almost fatally.  He was taken to hospital, at one time it was reported he was in critical condition.

Relatives of his, on social media combatted rumors of his death and reported that the young man was recovering at hospital.

Police have only commented on the murder of Gari Charles; not offering any identity but saying they were summoned to the scene where they found the man lifeless.

Ironically, this crime craze unravels as Police are hoping a cash incentivized gun amnesty will help get some of these illegal guns off the streets.  So far, no report of anyone turning in unregistered firearm or ammo; the gun amnesty ends on March 31st.

Caribbean News

Police Academy Commissioner Shot Dead in Haiti



By Sherrica Thompson

Staff Writer


#Haiti, November 29, 2022 – The police in Haiti have launched an investigation following the assassination of the director of the National Police Academy, Commissioner Rigaud Harington.

Reports from the police are that Harington was shot dead on the grounds of the police training facility in a gang-controlled neighbourhood in the country’s capital of Port-au-Prince on Friday, November 25.

The spokesperson for the National Police of Haiti (PNH), Inspector Garry Desrosiers, in confirming Friday’s killing, said the commissioner was “shot in the head not far from the Academy” and the attackers “stole his [Harington’s] vehicle and kidnapped his driver.”

Harington’s killing is the latest in several attacks against law enforcement in Haiti. The killing also happened at a time when international leaders are trying to help Haiti’s political leaders control the surge in gang violence in the country.

The police have not released any information on who might be responsible for the commissioner’s death.

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Trial date set for case involving former BVI premier



By Shanieka Smith

Staff Writer


#BVI, November 25, 2022 – The trial date for Former Premier of the British Virgin Islands, Andrew Fahie, and his co-accused former BVI Ports Authority Managing Director, Oleanvine Maynard and her son Kadeem, is set for January 9, 2023, in Miami, Florida.

The case will be heard within a two-week trial period.

Fahie, senior BVI port official, Oleanvine Maynard and her son, Kadeem Maynard were allegedly involved in money laundering and intent to import more than 5kg (11lb) of cocaine to the US through the BVI. The most recent charge is that of Interstate and Foreign Travel in Aid of Racketeering.

Charges filed in the US said Fahie had agreed a total of $700,000 payment to allow traffickers to use BVI ports with an undercover informant.

The three were all arrested by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials in Florida, who disguised themselves as cocaine traffickers from Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel – the largest supplier of illegal drugs to the US market.

Currently, Fahie is out on bail at US$1 million.

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Over a Hundred arrested in £48 Million dollar scam in UK



By Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer


#UnitedKingdom, November 25, 2022 – More than a hundred people have been arrested in a phone scam that duped more than 70,000 UK citizens out of at least £48 million.

The announcement was made by the Metropolitan Police on Wednesday after its biggest ever fraud operation.  The Met says it took down the website iSpoof which it is describing as  ‘an international one stop spoofing shop’.

Any criminal after paying via bitcoin, could use the website to ‘iSpoof’ or pretend to be someone else to steal data or money.  iSpoof worked by disguising their phone numbers so they seemed trustworthy.  After paying, criminals made millions of calls trying to trick residents into giving away one time bank passcodes or outright sending them money.  Fraudsters logged on and pretended to be representatives of major banks across the United Kingdom including Barclays, Santander, HSBC, Lloyds, Halifax, First Direct, Natwest, Nationwide and tax officers and other official offices.

“Almost 20 people every minute of the day were being contacted by scammers hiding behind false identities using the site,” at one point the Met said.

The site which was created in December 2020 came under investigation in June 2021.

iSpoof had over 59,000 user accounts and fraudsters were logging in  from the UK, The Netherlands, France, Ireland and several other areas.  Police say they are focusing on the UK violators that spent over £100 of Bitcoin to use the site first.

Detective Superintendent Helen Rance, of the Cyber Crime Unit said, “Our message to criminals who have used this website is we have your details and are working hard to locate you, regardless of where you are.”

The suspected organiser of the website has also been caught.

The initial 70,000 victims were to be contacted on Thursday but the police said as many as 200,000 victims were targeted in England alone.  The site was finally busted in an operation that involved the UK’s National Crime Agency, Europol, Eurojust, the Dutch authorities and the FBI.

The Met said losses could be far higher than the initial £48 million figure because fraud is vastly underreported.

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