Bedside Birth Certificates coming for TCI

#TurksandCaicos, July 8, 2021 – Cases where parents of children born in Turks and Caicos are waiting months, even years for a basic birth certificate are well known; picking up on a coming change for better efficiency and faster turn-around on the vital document was governor’s appointed member and appropriations committee member, Hon Willin Belliard. 

From the Director of Registration and Citizenship, Larry Mills, it was explained his team will no longer have to wait for a report, issued monthly by InterHealth Canada hospitals on local births… now, there will be staffers supporting a new Interhealth Canada bedside registry policy, which is soon to be established. 

Literally, at the beside information on live and still births will be taken by the relevant officers to speed up the process on getting birth certificates to parents. 

This report also came during the Appropriations Committee meetings held last week and into the weekend and which continued today ahead of the Budget Communication, which is set for June 29, that’s tomorrow. 

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