Tribute to Women by Pastor G. Fulford

#TurksandCaicos, May 9, 2021 – “It is an honour to celebrate our women today. A few weeks ago, I thought that there should be a day set aside for ‘Women’ not knowing that there is one.

This thought came to me when I looked around and realized that had it not been for ‘women’, the churches and our homes would be in serious trouble. I am not in any way putting the men down but the ‘woman’ was and still is a special gift of God to man. It is sad that many of them are mistreated and walked upon by men who do not understand their purpose nor appreciate them.

Our God created the man first but He knew that the puzzle was incomplete until the woman was brought into that man’s life. The day that Jehovah brought Eve to Adam, I believe the entire Garden underwent a change. The God ordained gifts and abilities inside of her suddenly came into action as she beautifies that environment.

There is something special about womanhood that is unique. Believe me people, in spite of the many men who are trying to walk in a womans’ shoes, there is no replacement nor substitute for a woman. Only a woman can be a woman. Thank God for them and the role they play in shaping society from the cradle to the halls of government.

The sufferings which many of them experience from men are all commissioned by the Kingdom of Darkness to destroy them. They are often knocked down, disrespected and ostracized but they rise again to follow their dreams.

One of Satan’s frustrations is their determination to keep the doors of the Church opened and to operate in positions of authority neglected by the men. A woman who is educated and allowed to use her talents and ability will change society from the cradle to the palace.

Yes brothers, we have an important role to play but God designed them with special roles to fit anywhere if needed. What she possesses she passes on to her seed. She trains and prepares both boys and girls for the future.

I salute them, especially those who are of the Household of Faith who make our work easier as Shepherds of the flock. May their lives continue to be a blessing in God’s Kingdom.

Father God, in Heaven, thank you for your purpose in the creation of man and woman, in Jesus name.

Jeremiah 31:22 / Judges 4:8

May 2021

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